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A traditional Chinese medical technique for moving energy or “Qi”.  Very fine disposable needles are inserted into various acupoints on the body to help the patient achieve balance and restore wellness.


The Auricular Detox treatment is the insertion of thin needles into the ear at various points which correspond to specific parts of the body.  This protocol is frequently used for substance abuse and smoking cessation.  Its most effective when the patient is engaged in therapy to deal with the emotional component of the substance abuse. Jane is certified by the National Auricular Detox Association(NADA).


Have been used for more than 3000 years to treat a wide variety of conditions.  Chinese herbal preparations are safe and effective and help to treat the root of the problem, versus masking symptoms.


An ancient Chinese method which promotes healing deep in muscle tissue, opening energy pathways, releasing toxins, and activating the lymphatic system.  Cupping is done by placing a cup, in which a vacuum has been created, over the skin.  This creates a suction and allows for healing and release of muscle tension. Jane holds an advanced certification in cupping therapy with the International Cupping Therapy Association.


After a thorough intake is conducted, using  the Chinese theory of the energetics of food, recommendations are made to the patient as to which foods would be most beneficial to them in helping balance their system.  Recommendations are also made as to which foods would be best to avoid given the imbalances in place.  Educating the patient as to what will help them to feel their best empowers them and assists in taking an active role in their own healthcare.


Moxibustion (also known as Moxa), is a heat application treatment applied on acupuncture points along with the use of an herb called Mugwort.  The application of Moxa is used to strengthen blood, stimulate the flow of “Qi”, and to maintain general well-being.


Helping people solve their health issues naturally is what drives me. It is very exciting to me to be able to assist folks by improving their health. The more people I meet, the more people I can help. I am available for public speaking at Health and Wellness venues/groups, Community Groups, Corporate Lunch and Learns or any other event that would be appropriate. My presentations include a creative PowerPoint component, they are educational and interactive. Educate your employees, gym members or support group members on various health and wellness topics and stimulate their thoughts toward better health- naturally.

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Image by Kayla Maurais

Having trouble understanding which vitamins your body needs? We can help! Using a detailed compilation of your symptoms and current state of health, you will be given a custom tailored regimen of supplements, herbs, and vitamins, along with a thorough explanation and plan for re-evaluation.

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